IVF Must-Haves- A List of 15 Crucial Items

If you are here and reading this right now, you are probably either in the IVF process or soon to be. Jeff and I went through the IVF process from start to finish in 2019 and it was a crazy experience. A great, crazy experience. For us, the process brought us closer as a couple because we had to lean on each other when our insecurities and doubts got the best of us. IVF is expensive all by itself not to mention the added-on extras that go along with it. With that being said, these are the IVF must-haves you should consider purchasing to make your IVF cycle easier and more enjoyable. You won’t be sorry you did!

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  1. Pill Organizer

The first IVF must-have and one of the most important ones (in my opinion) is a good, quality pill organizer. When you are in an IVF cycle, you will have so many pills to take each day and it’s important that you stay on top of them and not forget to take them. I picked up a simple pill container from the grocery store, but if you are a fan of Amazon, this pill container will do the trick! And this one is actually really cool because there are designated morning, noon, and night spots!

The first IVF Must-Have is a colorful pill organizer.
  1. Electric Heating Pad

I used my heating pad all the time during IVF (and still use it to be honest). It’s awesome to sooth injection sites and warm up/thin your PIO shots. If there was a best multi-purpose item when it comes to IVF, I would say this is it! It’s also very useful for a very achy back in pregnancy…because believe it or not, you will be soon! I purchased my heating pad somewhere other than Amazon (I can’t remember where), but here is one very similar to it that I think will work perfectly for your needs!

Number two is a grey electric heating pad.
  1. 5 Drawer Organizer

This is one of my favorite IVF items. When you have vials, needles, bandages, gauze, etc… you need something to store it all in so it’s not spread out all over the place. I loved this 5 Drawer Organizer. You can easily put in on a kitchen countertop, or in a bathroom closet and have everything you need right at your fingertips, but also very organized.

Number three is a small plastic 5-drawer organizer for your IVF supplies.
  1. Gatorade

This IVF must-have is specifically important for Egg Retrieval. If you haven’t heard of OHSS, this is a common effect of Egg Retrieval. Drinking Gatorade will increase your electrolytes which will lessen your painful symptoms of OHSS. Often, fertility clinics will even give you discharge instructions to drink a certain amount after your retrieval.

Number four is a picture of multiple bottles of Gatorade. Get your electrolytes!
  1. Loose Pants

This is also especially important for the Egg Retrieval process. When you go home from the Egg Retrieval, you will probably feel very uncomfortable and bloated. You will feel a heck of a lot better if you are in comfortable and loose-fitting pants. Heck, a dress might even feel the best. I just made sure to show up to the clinic for Egg Retrieval in loose-fitting pants like these ones! And as a bonus, these ones have pineapples on them (a symbol for fertility).

Number five is a pair of comfortable pants with a pineapple print on them.
  1. Panty Liners

Many REs (reproductive endocrinologists) will have you take progesterone suppositories in conjunction with the rest of your medication and they can get messy down there if you know what I mean. And to clarify, they go in your hootchy…not where you typically stick suppositories. Now that we made that clear, these suppositories make you leak and it’s super annoying so I highly suggest you get yourself some thin panty liners like these ones. I love these because they are thin and discreet, but still, get the job done!

Number six is a picture of Carefree panty-liners.
  1. Tylenol/Advil

When having aches and pains during your IVF cycle, they prefer you stay away from Ibuprofen due to its blood-thinning properties. Both Tylenol and Advil have much less of an effect on blood and its clotting properties which is important when trying to conceive which is why they tell you that you shouldn’t take Ibuprofen while pregnant.

Number seven is a picture of Tylenol.
Number seven is a picture of Advil.
  1. Alcohol Wipes

This is a good one that you might not think about when you are preparing for IVF because it’s not as obvious as some of the others on this list may be. When you are doing your injections, you will want these small alcohol wipes to sterilize the needles and the vials before use. It’s very important to keep a sterile environment even though you are comfortable in your own home.

IVF Must-Have number eight is a picture of a box of 200 mini alcohol prep pads.
  1. Prenatal Vitamins

A lot of people have strong preferences for prenatal vitamins for one reason or another. Personally, these gummy vitamins from Costco or Target are my favorite for more than one reason. The first reason I like these is that instead of having folic acid (as most prenatal vitamins have), these have the natural form called Folate. Folate promotes spine development in fetus development. If you are concerned that you may have MTHFR, then this might be something you strongly want to consider. The second reason I like them is that they are gummies and that makes them easier to stomach-at least to me anyway. The con is that they aren’t cheap.

Number nine is a picture of smarty pants prenatal vitamins.
  1. Cooler Bag & Ice Packs

In my opinion, this is one of the most important IVF must-haves to purchase if you travel anywhere at all. Some of the injections and suppositories that you will be taking are required to stay cool and refrigerated. Forget taking that last baby-less trip without a way to keep these very important medications cool. Although the exact one I purchased off of Amazon is no longer available, this cooler bag is very similar and will get the job done!

Number ten is a small cooler bag.

Along with the bag, you will of course need ice packs. I bought and used these ones. These are excellent because they are slim and not bulky which allows you to have more space in your cooler bag.

Number 10 (part two) is a pack of ice packs.
  1. Suppository Applicators

This may or may not be an important IVF must-have depending on your specialty fertility pharmacy. Some fertility clinics include these with your progesterone suppositories and some do not. Well…mine did not and I learned the hard way. My friend and I were talking one night about these suppositories and how annoying they were. Somehow we got on the topic of getting them up there (you know where haha). She told me hers came with applicators. Well, didn’t I feel jipped? They did not send ME any applicators. I didn’t even know they were a thing! Don’t make the same mistake I did. Get yourself some applicators if your suppositories didn’t come with any!

IVF Must-Have number 11 is a package of suppository applicators.
  1. Cozy Socks

Have you heard the saying: warm feet, warm womb? It is probably more of an old wife’s tale than anything, but let’s be honest, it’s important to be comfortable. And during IVF, there are a lot of times you may feel physically uncomfortable. I highly suggest you pick up these (or any, really) comfy cozy socks!

Number 12 is showing a picture of comfortable and soft socks.
  1. Journal

This is such an important time in your life that you may just want to document the entire thing. IVF is such a journey that you might find it helpful to you to have an outlet. Just think…how fun will it be to look back on your journey holding a baby in your arms. It will all be worth it!

Number 13 is a picture of an IVF specific journal.
  1. Planner

Some people may find they need this and some people may not. It depends on whether you prefer your schedule digitally or on paper. I prefer it on paper, but maybe I’m just a little old-fashioned. Either way, it’s important that you know your schedule whether it pertains to your medication or your appointments. If there ever was a time to remember things on time, it is NOW.

IVF Must-Have number 14 is a planner.
  1. Pineapple Bandages

Like the cozy socks, these may not be a necessity, but when you are getting so many injections you may decide to use bandages. What better design on a bandage than the good ole’ pineapple (the symbol for fertility).

IVF Must-Have number 15 is a container of bandages with pineapples on them.

Hopefully this list of 15 IVF must-haves helps you on your fertility journey and makes you feel a little more prepared for what is to come. You can do hard things. You got this girl!

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