5 Helpful Fertility Resources

Sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out when trying to find answers to my questions…especially questions regarding infertility. I have scoured and searched every nook and cranny to find the most useful information on this topic. My hope is that these resources and information I have found will be beneficial to you AS WELL!

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Even if you are not big into reading, there are some great literary resources to be had! I have read so many books regarding TTC and fertility, but I will share my most favorite ones!

It Starts with the Egg By: Rebecca Fett
This book is a great book about toxins in our daily lives and what we can get rid of to make our egg quality go up. It talks about things from BPA all the way to proper prenatal vitamins to be taking.

The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant By: Jean M. Twinge
This book is your new best friend. Reading this book truly feels like you have a friend in the journey. It talks about anything from when to “try” and choosing the sex of your baby. Yep, that’s right. Read it if you don’t believe me!

Taking Charge of your Fertility By: Toni Weschler
This book is the holy bible to charting your basal body temperature. This is the largest fertility book I have come across. There are roughly 500 pages in this book so kick back, grab a drink, and start reading this incredible book.


Phil & Alex This is one of my favorite Vlogs. They have been through so much. Their story includes the adoption of their two little girls and their many experiences with fertility treatments. They are sweet and kind people. Truly inspiring.

Chelsea & Eric I really enjoy watching Chelsea on her Youtube channel. They finally conceived and had their their sweet baby girl with the help of IVF in May 2019. They are such a sweet and soothing couple to listen to.

Elle and Dan Elle and her cute family makes appearances on her VLOG regularly. She struggled with secondary infertility, but is living proof that IUI’s DO work for some people. She is such a positive and upbeat person to listen watch.


Beat Infertility This is my favorite fertility podcast. I love it because you can learn so much from listening to it. She often has medical professionals on the show who will answer questions about fertility. Along with that, she has people on her show who have been through the infertility journey that share their different experiences.

The Birth Hour This podcast does not touch on infertility specifically, but it does offer many experiences and information on the birthing process. Any and all questions you may have about giving birth can be answered on this podcast.

Friends. Who Have Been Through It Too.

Although this may be difficult to find or let yourself experience, this may be the most important support of all the things on this list. It’s interesting to learn just how many around you have gone through this sad journey. I recently had to have my trigger shot, but my husband wasn’t around so I pushed away all my fears and drove myself over to my nurse friend’s house. She happily stuck me and we had a great conversation about how she had to do IVF to have her first child. I had no idea! Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Most people will be kind and open-minded.

It’s the people who are rude and inconsiderate that just don’t matter at all.

Educate Yourself

As I have mentioned before, you cannot be your own greatest advocate if you are not educated about the fertility world. Doctors are great and technology is great, but each doctor has their own opinion and YOU know your body best. Learn all that you can to make yourself feel better and improve your chances of conceiving.

And Remember…You’re never alone!

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