5 Practical Ways to Survive the Two Week Wait

The two week wait can be LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG and miserable. I know. I’ve gone through the two week wait over 24 times now. It feels like all you can think about for 14 days is if there is a baby growing inside of you. Am I eating healthy enough? Is my stress level too high? Am I over exhorting myself? And the list goes on and on and on….am I right? I am one of the worst offenders of this and unfortunately, I am sure many women can relate. However, there are things you can do to keep your mind occupied and sane.

So what can you do to take your mind off of it and enjoy life for the next two weeks? Well, it’s funny you should ask…

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New Hobby

What is that one thing that you have always wished you would have tried or something you have wanted to do for a long time, but haven’t gotten around to? I’m not saying to go cray here. I don’t think it would be a smart idea to take up a hobby of skydiving during these two weeks.

  • Cooking
  • Sewing
  • Knitting
  • Crocheting
  • Scrap booking
  • Fishing
  • Genealogy
  • Take Dancing Classes
  • Learn a New Language
  • Gardening
  • Photography

Read a Good Book

If you want to read a book on fertility then I won’t stop you. For some ideas on fertility reads, you can look at my previous post. If you want some reading that will take your mind OFF of the situation, I suggest the following authors.

  • Jane Austen- Romance/Historical Fiction
  • Sarah M. Eden- Romance/Historical Fiction
  • J.K. Rowling- Fantasy/Fiction
  • Suzanne Collins- Science Fiction
  • Nicholas Sparks- Romance

There are so many great authors that I could go on for days. However, I am aware that it is not always feasible to sit down and read a book in this fast-paced world we live in today so I highly recommend trying Audible. Audible is an audio book company associated with Amazon. Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks”  Audible free for 30 days and get two free books. You can cancel anytime and keep the books. I will attest that Audible has amazing customer service. They are very quick to respond and very kind.


You’re laughing right now. I know you are. Hear me out. I know the two week wait is hard, but if you can find ways to help yourself relax…wouldn’t that be amazing? Here are some ideas that I have thought of to help YOU relax.

  • Yoga– Don’t go out and spend unnecessary money to pay for a yoga class (unless you want to), but try looking on YouTube for some yoga channels. I have learned so many things from YouTube. The other day (this is no joke) I learned how to run a weed whacker and change the headlight in my car.
  • Massage– Massages are spendy, but they are sure to relax you. Hop onto Groupon and see if you can pick yourself up a discounted massage to help you with the stress.
  • Meditate– Meditating is very underrated, however, I believe that it can be very beneficial to a person’s mental health. I recently learned of and downloaded the Calm App and it’s pretty neat. There are different categories on there. These categories include music, meditate, and sleep. If you are a teacher, they will give you the entire version app for free, click here.


I have often found that when I am busy serving and helping other people, I feel better about myself. My level of gratitude is increased and I am an overall happier person. These are some ideas of simple acts of kindness/service that you could perform:

  • Buy the meal for the people behind you in the drive thru line.
  • Compliment the first 3 people you talk to today.
  • Send a positive text message to 5 people each day.
  • Surprise a neighbor with freshly baked cookies.
  • Write your significant other a list of things you love about them.
  • Purchase extra dog or cat food and bring it to your local shelter.
  • Hold the door open for someone behind you.
  • Smile.


It’s important, not only during the two week wait, but always to get enough sleep. How can your body nurture and care for a baby if it’s not getting the proper rest? The short answer is; it can’t.

  • Take naps when possible if you are feeling stressed, tired, or overwhelmed.
  • Put your social media away an hour before bedtime so your mind is not reeling with information that will keep you up at night.
  • Get enough sleep at night. Go to bed early.
  • If you suspect that you have sleep problems such as sleep apnea or insomnia, I would encourage you to go speak with a sleep doctor to get it figured out.

In conclusion, find out how to keep your mind off of conceiving for these two weeks. Try not to let it consume you…says the girl who has been completely consumed. Do your best.

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