About Us

Jeff and I met in college in 2010 where we began dating and eventually got married. Jeff studied computer science and I studied elementary education. After graduation, we went on to begin our careers.

We always knew we wanted to have children, but weren’t in a rush. After about four years of marriage, we began trying to have a baby. During the next four years, we learned just how difficult it would be for us. Although we were very sad, we did enjoy the time we spent together.

Enough was enough and in 2019, we began moving forward with fertility treatment. It’s a long and grueling process and definitely took a toll on my emotions. Fortunately, after multiple forms of treatment and a bit of time we were finally successful.

We want you to know that we know exactly how you’re feeling. We have been there. FOUR long years. We are rooting for your happy ending! You’re never alone. You always have a friend in us. Please e-mail us anytime to chat: whitley.patrice@outlook.com